Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is a gig?

A performance by a musician without a specific narrative, agenda or plot.

What is a musician?

A person who plays a musical instrument.

Excludes karaoke, DJs, burlesque.

Artist names.

Artist names will not be written in all capitals unless they are acronyms.

What about busking, video shoots, private functions?

Someone needs to be getting paid.  For example; the artist, promoter or charity.  This excludes busking and venues who want musicians to play for drinks or exposure.

Private functions do not qualify as they are not open to the public.

Recording sessions and video shoots qualify if the process does not interrupt the gig from the audience perspective.  Technically we know the audience is very much ‘part of the gig’, but if they’re there more as part of the crew or production than as audience, then it’s not a gig.

What about regional?

Giglist lists are gigs you could reasonably travel to see in a day trip.

What if Giglist doesn’t know the times?

Giglist lists the default start time of 8pm and 6pm on Sundays, but we’ll always try and find the right start time.

Which Artist link does Giglist use?

If the Artist link is not provided Giglist links to the ticketing or event page.

What if it’s a festival & it’s not about the headline?

If the Gig is a fund-raiser or festival, Giglist will link to the event page.

Where do the links go?

Unless otherwise notified by Artist or Venue, Giglist will default to use the official website, then the Facebook page.